Tuesday, December 22, 2009

slowing down

Break has been really, really nice so far. I really haven't done much. I've just taken time to slow down and enjoy being home. My siblings and I have spent a lot more time together than in the past (I think it's because we're all tightwads right now and don't have the cash to spend). Brent and I made some pear scone-ettes. We'll probably bake something else soon. Austin and I made mistletoe bundles that we were planning to sell but haven't gotten around to (well, we tried briefly but never found the right place to sell at). The three of us all bonded watching one of our favorite TV shows last night - Metro PCS Dance Club 21. Hah.

Last night, when I was in the den with my brothers (my parents were at a party), one of my dad's best friends walked in. I love that. I love that he is welcome to walk in anytime, and feels comfortable doing so. I love that we can enjoy his company even if our parents aren't there. I walked downstairs today and saw him roaming the kitchen as I was leaving - no big deal. And anyone who knows us well enough knows that our door is always open. Maybe one day that will bite us in the butts. But for now, I like it. That's something I miss while I'm in school.

Over the break I have a lot of things I want to do and a lot of things I probably need to do. I won't end up doing the majority of these things. That's okay. I'm glad I get the chance to slow down and recharge for next semester. Hope everyone else takes the time to do the same.



P.S. Christmas is in three days.... what?? how'd it creep up on us so fast?

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  1. Anne-Girl,
    Let's be better this semester about having an open door to passerbys.
    ALso, i love that you're baking so much! we should continue that this spring, we have a kitchen at my brothers!

    also, i'm in the same boat..lot's of goals, so little time, love of sleep... but! we must accomplish much! let's list out what all we get done?! then put it on our wall of odds an ends :)