Thursday, December 17, 2009

the missing magic cape

Last night I got home after a long day of driving with three friends from Tennessee to Texas (a long day, but a good day - the drive really wasn't that bad, and I enjoyed the company of my friends).

It's nice to be home... have my own room, be around my family. I went out shopping and to dinner with my eldest brother tonight, Brent, and we're about to bake some pear scones. yum. he's a foodie, so I join in on the fun sometimes.

Anyway, Brent told me he found a book today and brought it to me. What was it? "The Missing MAGIC Cape," written and illustrated by Anne Fogerty. Do I have any recollection of writing this story? No. Is it amazing? Well, you'll have to read it and see for yourself:

"Welcome to Mrs. Schlender's Room"

The Missing Magic Cape by Anne Fogerty
Dedicated to My Class, family, and friends

"My Special Family"
"Old Friends are the best Friends"
"I Dedicated my book to my family, friends, and class"
"To Rattle-Snake Ave"

Hi, I'm Britney Spears and I just solved the hardest, most complicated mystery ever with my friends called "The Case of the Missing Magic Cape". Well, we just finished our 2001st mystery! I'm 39 years old and I am a Firefighter at the I.C. Fire Station. I solve mysteries for my specialty in my spare time. My friends, Mr. Athle and Anne, both have blue eyes and blond hair. Mr. Athle is a coach at Bradfield and so is Anne.

My mystery all when Anne and I went on a walk when my cellphone rang (bring bring). We stopped outside of Bradfield Elementary School in Chicago and I answered the phone. It was Mr. Athle, I said "Not another mystery is it?" He said "Actually it is. Someone took my Magic Cape and it was in my office two days ago". I said come here I'm at Bradfield Elementary School. See'ya there he said. "Bye". We began our search in the Bradfield Auditorium about 4:50 that bright sunny afternoon. We split up like a puzzle. "Hey", said Anne "I found a Magic blue wand". It's missing too. Sorry, I forgot to tell you. "We'd better keep it," I said.

"yes a cape. cool!"
"bring bring"

I decided to investigate the stage for clues."Look" behind the curtain, I see some large muddy footprints. There must have been someone in here", said Anne. We kept on searching and under some chairs I saw two thin people crawling as quiet as mice. One had a black cape on. "Let's trap them I whispered." But they were too quick and ran into the hall.


We split up to search the classrooms to see if anyone was hiding there around and searched until we discovered a scrap of black silk that looked familiar to Mr. Athle. As we were looking for clues we ran into Stacy and Annie, my two best friends and Annie had on a cape that looked familiar to.......................... MR. ATHLE!!!!!!!

"Stop, you two!!"

I sensed that Stacy and Annie had stolen the Magic Cape. "Stop, you two, did you take Mr. Athle's magic cape?" I asked. Yes, they admitted they had taken the cape. We love magic tricks. "We apologize" the ladies said. This time your free to go but nxt time you'll be in jail for 501 years!!! I said.


"whoo hoooo"


dannedelion (aka britney spears)

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