Friday, March 12, 2010

happy spring

It's friday and I'm sitting in my den snacking on cheese 'n crackers. I like that. But what's more exciting is what has led up to this monumental climax of cheese 'n crackers.

this week has been the perfect break. a little bit of high class partying at the deb ball, a little bit of casual relaxation at the ranch, and a bit of winding down at home. couldn't have asked for anything better. I'll let some photos speak for themselves.

The decorations at the Helping Hands Crystal Ball.

Dinner at the Ball!
Getting our dose of the Alamo on the way down to the ranch Sunday afternoon.

Monday morning walk to the river...

Just hanging in our favorite spot... a miniature cave on the river.

Oh, you know, just soaking up the beauty of Texas.


Cool cross at the top of the hill at the ranch... looks even cooler lit up at night.

This is where we spent the majority of our time... just a few steps down from the house.

Laying out on the river (pre-Lindsay's burn).

Kayaking the Nueces... there were a few struggles but be made it all the way.

Final group shot before we left the ranch.

On the way back to Austin... windows rolled down the entire time, 84 degrees.

It was a jolly ole time, and I can't wait until we get to do something like this again. come sunday, I'll be back in nashville rockin 'n rollin... and when life seems to drag, I'll think about spring break 2010.

hope everyone has had/will have a wonderful spring break


(slightly) tanner

(p.s. all of these pics were taken from my friends' cameras... thanks friends)

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