Wednesday, March 3, 2010

goodbye winter

Goodbye winter. I know you don't want to go because the ground is still wet from your snowy tears. I'm sorry, but it just isn't working out. The sun is calling me, and I'm going to Texas. When I get back, you better be gone for good.

It's still freezing here in Nashville. It keeps snowing, even though it's not sticking anymore. Needless to say, I'm going to back to Texas for spring break! In just two days until I'll be making my way to Austin.

Last weekend I got to go to Lindsay's home in Ohio. The ground was covered with snow when we got there and stayed for the weekend. I loved getting to go see where she grew up and spending time in her home with her parents and pets (ellie, cricket, and fat mike - the biggest cat I've ever laid eyes on).

On Friday night we went to see the CCM's (Cincinnati Conservatory of Music) musical, Anything Goes. It was a pleasant surprise when I found out a friend from home, Christine (who is a freshman at CCM), was in the show! CCM did a great job and it was great to see Christine perform with other equally talented actors. We talked briefly after the show.

I'm officially two weeks into my facebook/twitter fast, and I'm loving it! It actually has been that difficult. I spend my time doing other things that are actually more enjoyable than surfing people's profiles (although that can be a lot of fun sometimes).

The past couple of weeks have been productive but not that exciting... hence the lack of words on this thing here called a "blog." I'm reaching for words here - and for that, I'm sorry. When I think of something that might be mildly interesting to expound upon I'll be sure to share.

Peace, Love, and Texas,


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