Friday, February 19, 2010

looking forward

So in my last post I said I was a little stressed out (a lot stressed out) about future stuff... now I'm back in chill mode. Why? Because I have so much to look forward to. First off, let me just say it is beautiful in Nashville right now. It was 50 degrees. Much needed break from the cold... people were playing frisbee on the quad earlier. We walked around Radnor Lake. So refreshing.

Anyway, what I was really stressed out about when I wrote my last post were my summer plans. I had a lot of options, but only some were solidified, and there were pros and cons to everything... I finally decided (yesterday) that I'm going to work at Kanakuk this summer. I'm really pumped now. I'm going to be doing videography for six weeks at one of the kamps. I'm going to be around a bunch of other college students and around a bunch of kids with tons of energy (which will keep me energized). I'm looking forward to the experience and being back on familiar turf... I was a kamper there for five years myself. I also look forward to writing letters and being pen pals with lots of people.

What's really exciting is that two weeks from this moment I will be arriving in Austin, Texas for spring break. A bunch of us are going to the deb ball that Jane is in and then we are gonna hang at her ranch for a couple days. Even the Ohioans are coming! And my roommate, Molly, who lives in Fredericksburg. And I get to spend the second half of the week at home. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Just a few weeks after Spring Break I will probably poop my pants. Why? Because Molly, Jane, and I (and anyone else who wants to come) are going to see Sufjan. SUFJAN. SUFJAN STEVENS. He isn't playing his own set, but he is playing with a band called Clogs. So what. I will be seeing Mr. Sufjan Stevens in the flesh. If I could scream in a blog post, I would. This is probably what it would look like:




P.S. I officially gave up facebook/twitter for lent. So far, so good. Life feels much more free. And Molly Rodg and Thomas are on facebook leaves of absence too! Woo!

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