Sunday, April 18, 2010

long time no see

Hello there!

It's been awhile. Life's been passing by fast. Sometimes it seems like lots of things have been happening, other times it feels like I'm wasting the days away.

Yesterday was the epitome of a perfect day - because there was no agenda. Selbs and I went to Grimey's for Record Store Day (and dropped some cash on some gems - most notably the Monsters of Folk self-titled album on clear blue vinyl, which I'm listening to now). The rest of the day was literally spent without a care on our minds... we looked at the calendar and calculated that we had not had a chill saturday since around, hmm, February. That was awhile ago.

I've made it a habit to spend hours on the quad almost every day... I'll settle in next to my tree, listen to tunes, and chat with those who come and go. I'll say hello to someone when they're on their way to class. It's almost guaranteed I'll be in the exact same spot when they get out of class. I might be getting a little more tan. That may be an exaggeration. The sun has had an effect on my attitude, though - it simply just makes me happier and more energized. Must be that Vitamin D.

Lots has happened recently... finally housing is settled for next year (TK '10... whoop), went to North Carolina for Easter, had a summer job fall through, went camping spontaneously, celebrated National High Five Day. Tomorrow, I'm volunteering for the Nashville Film Festival, Tuesday I'm recording Selbs for my final recording technology project, Wednesday I'm seeing My Morning Jacket, this weekend is Best of the Best Showcase, and in just three weeks I'll be back home in Dallas for the summer. In the meantime, I've got a case brief to write, a five page paper and a couple of three pagers. All in good time.

Hope all is well with everyone. The weather is just shy of 70 and sunny here in Nashville... another perfect day, they keep piling up (Ahead of the Curve - Monsters of Folk).


P.S. Be sure to buy my friend Emily Reid's new single on iTunes called "Out of My Hands." It's great. You can also see a ton of videos of my friends' performances on my vimeo account:

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